About Us


Philadelphia Community Stakeholders

The Philadelphia Community Stakeholders (PCS), a network of Black community leaders, business leaders, union leaders, elected officials, and concerned citizens convened a group of experienced educators to develop a community-led education recovery plan that adds a "web of support" around Philadelphia's Black children impacted by the extended closure of schools. The group is led by Sandra Dungee Glenn, former Chairperson of the School Reform Commission and current member of the Pennsylvania State Board of Education. 

Why We Exist

Philadelphia's Black children were in an educational crisis before the global pandemic began. Two-thirds of Philadelphia elementary and middle grade students were below grade level in reading and two-thirds of Philadelphia students lacked internet access. COVID-19 made the crisis bigger and deeper. Children lost hundreds of hours of learning time. For Black students, the learning loss may equal 10 months. There has also been an enormous increase in the level of stress and anxiety that children, and families, are under due to the global pandemic and gun violence that has a increased in predominantly Black neighborhoods throughout the City of Philadelphia.

Through a series of telephone town hall meetings we hosted in partnership with members of the State Senate, we connected with over 4300 households and heard directly from parents and caregivers. Parents and older caregivers shared that they need safe spaces in the community where students receive adult supervision and academic support for virtual learning. Parents and caregivers also shared that it would be helpful to have a resource center that provides assistance with academic lessons, referrals for tutoring and services for special needs students; and access to mental health and behavioral services.

In response to the urgent need to support African-American students and their caregivers, the PCS, in partnership corporate sponsors, foundation grants and donations have launched the PCS Learning Pod & Parent Resource Center. 


~ Instructional support for virtual learning
~ Supplemental lessons and activities to close learning gaps by experienced instructors
~ Effective and engaging use of technology
~ Parent Help Desk & Referral Service
~ Mental and behavioral health counseling – by appointment 


The safety and security of the children in our program is of the upmost importance. Therefore, PCS Learning Pods will follow all CDC Guidelines to ensure children remain safe and socially distant while at our center. We will also provide contactless temperature checks for all staff and students. All staff and instructors have all of the necessary clearances and requirements to be in the presence and interact with children. 


CONTACT US:  info@pcslearningpods.com
STARTING IN:  October 2020
DAYS: Monday to Friday
TIMES: 7:30am - 4:30pm

  • Dr. Naomi Johnson Booker, Founder & CEO of Global Academies & Executive Committee of the African American Charter School Coalition 
  • Dawn Chavous, President & CEO of Chavous Consulting and Management Consultant of PCS 
  • Sandra Dungee Glenn, Member of the State Board of Education & Executive Committee Member of PCS 
  • Sharif El-Mekki, Chief Executive Officer of the Center for Black Educator Development 
  • Donna Frisby-Greenwood, President & CEO of the Fund for the School District of Philadelphia 
  • Dr. Anthony Irvin, Director of Urban Education for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia Schools 
  • Dr. Cassandra Jones, Founder & CEO of Next Step Associates 
  • Sylvester Mobley, Founder & CEO of Coded by Kids & Executive Committee Member of PCS 
  • Dr. Malika Savoy-Brooks, Chief Academic Support Officer of the School District of Philadelphia


we have established the following policy to protect our students, staff, families, and the general public to the greatest extent possible. This policy is guided by the Philadelphia Health Department, the Pennsylvania Health Department, and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and may be updated or changed to remain in compliance with any new guidelines or policies implemented by these agencies.